The aims of Buxton Field Club (BFC) are:

  • the practical study of any aspect of nature
  • to protect the well-being of the natural environment, through the above, in co-operation with appropriate parties and influencing courses of action likely to further the enrichment of the local natural environment and wildlife within it, and to increase biodiversity in the Buxton area (and beyond)
  • to promote and make the case for biodiversity for those who show little interest in it, to increase the awareness, interest and involvement of as many people as possible.
  1. Data Held

Buxton Field Club holds personal data comprising the names and email addresses of its members. The personal data is only used for the purpose of communication with members and is not shared with any third party. A member is defined as anyone who has chosen to add their contact details to the membership list to receive communications from Buxton Field Club.

The personal data held is the minimum needed for communication with the membership and is used only used for that purpose. The data is held on the basis that its use for such communication is a Legitimate Interest of Buxton Field Club. Members’ personal data is not shared with others, including other members.

Email addresses are held to allow emails with information concerning Buxton Field Club to be sent to members. Names are held to facilitate communication with individual members and facilitate the removal of data if this is requested by means other than email.

  1. Data Management

Buxton Field Club’s Data Protection Officer is appointed by the club’s Committee to manage email communications. Only one person holds this role at any time. In the context of the GDPR this person is both Controller and Processor of the data.

The personal data is held in three locations:

The mailing list for the email program currently in use. This is held on a password protected computer, the operating system and email programs are updated and any security patches applied on a regular basis. Connection to the internet is via an ADSL modem/router incorporating a firewall.

 A backup mailing list. This is encrypted and password protected. It is held by the Data Protection Officer.

 A secondary backup mailing list. This is encrypted and password protected. It is held by the Club Secretary.

Backups are produced every 3 months. Older backups are deleted once a newer one is available.

  1. Data checks and removal

Checks for requests to see, amend or delete personal data held by Buxton Field Club are carried out before that data is next used.

The personal data held on the mailing list is deleted as soon as is practical after a request is received. The personal data held in backup files is deleted at the next backup cycle.

  1. Communication regarding new personal data

Whenever new or modified personal data is stored, the owner of the data is contacted via the email address in their data and given:

  • Confirmation that their personal data is being held by Buxton Field Club;
  • A link to the Buxton Field Club Privacy Statement;
  • A reminder of their right to have the data removed at any time; and
  • Information on how to contact Buxton Field Club to check or request removal of their personal data.