Campaigns and Events

This is a summary list of the representations and campaigns we have become involved in over the past 3 years, in order to protect and promote biodiversity in and around Buxton and more generally. Contact us if you would like to have more details on any of these.

  • Successfully challenging the proposed route of the Nestle pipeline through part of Cunningdale
  • Supporting the local opposition to the Hogshaw development
  • Developing biodiversity in The Serpentine and the HPBC Serpentine Walks Biodiversity Plan 2022-2027
  • Letters to Robert Largan MP and Derbyshire CC re Government’s withdrawal of EU protections for nature
  • Consultation on the People’s Plan for Nature (see below)
  • Signing up as a Plastics Free Buxton champion
  • Founding Member of High Peak Green Network
  • Critiquing the biodiversity impacts of the MEMRAP proposals to reinstate the railway along the Monsal Dale Trail

The People's Plan for Nature

The People’s Plan for Nature is a plan created for the people, by the people of the UK – a vision for the future of nature, and the actions we must all take to protect and renew it. 

With input from thousands of people from across the UK, the People’s Plan for Nature calls for urgent, immediate action – from governments, businesses, charities, organisations, farmers and communities – to protect and fundamentally change how we value nature. 

The People’s Plan for Nature is powered by the WWF, the RSPB and National Trust. It is a unique collaboration with the UK public to protect and restore nature in the UK.

The Executive Summary of the People’s Plan for Nature (March 2023) is available here.

For full details of the Plan, how it has been developed, and the Executive Summary and Full Report, go to their website. Add your voice to this national conversation and inspiring action.