Poole's Cavern Wildflower Garden, 9th April 2021: Sowing and planting


Poole's Cavern Wildflower Garden

Poole's Cavern Wildflower Garden in bloom, 2021
Lots of our members and friends were involved in creating these gardens last year and hopefully thought all the hard work was worth it when they bloomed exuberantly over the summer! We’re now starting to gear up for making them equally successful this year, so are looking for lots of people who might be able to give small amounts of time with the following:
  • building up the natural fencing (which has settled since its creation last year)
  • keeping on top of the rampaging buttercups and docks and general maintenance
  • contributing and planting additional suitable plug (or larger) plants

Serpentine Walks Biodiversity Plan

Serpentine Walks wildflower area, 2021
Great news! We have recently heard that High Peak Borough Council has accepted the biodiversity plan for the Serpentine Walks (see here) that the Field Club and the Civic Association put together last year. This is fabulous news for wildlife in the town and will hopefully mean that the existing range of flora, fauna and fungi that can be found in the Serpentine will be able to further thrive and expand. 
While much of the first year will involve observing and recording, before we decide the actions to take after that, there are still jobs to be done and the need for a good-sized group of people to come and pitch in to make it all happen. There’s nothing too strenuous and there’s no need to commit too much time, but it should be fun and rewarding. To begin with, we need people who can help with:


  • putting up bird boxes
  • planting yellow iris, 
  • seeding the border near to Burlington Road entrance

  • creating a compost area

  • creating more wood piles

  • conducting surveys – flowers, birds, butterflies etc

  • wrestling with plants that may become overly dominant 

  • bulb planting in one of the grassy areas this autumn.

It would be wonderful if you were able to help with either or both of these projects, so please let me know if you’re interested and I can add you to our lists for when we get started – once it’s warmed up a little. No experience or expertise is required (though if you have it that would be great), just enthusiasm and a desire to help the natural world!