The aims of Buxton Field Club (BFC) are:

  • the practical study of any aspect of nature


  • to protect the well-being of the natural environment, through the above, in co-operation with appropriate parties and influencing courses of action likely to further the enrichment of the local natural environment and wildlife within it, and to increase biodiversity in the Buxton area (and beyond)


  • to promote and make the case for biodiversity for those who show little interest in it, to increase the awareness, interest and involvement of as many people as possible.


At Buxton Field Club, we take the privacy of our members seriously.

The personal data we keep is limited to the email address and name that you have given us.

This personal data is available only to those BFC Committee members directly involved in communication and maintaining our records.

We will never share your data with anyone else and we will keep your details safe and secure.

This personal data is stored only in digital form, either on a secure computer system or as encrypted data files.

We will use your personal data only to contact you about BFC’s activities and to send you information that we expect to be of specific interest to our members.

At any time you can contact us at to:

  • ask to check your personal data held by BFC;
  • ask for your personal data held by BFC to be amended;
  • ask for your personal data held by BFC to be deleted; or
  • ask to be removed from our mailing list. Your personal data held by BFC will be deleted.


If we are aware that our messages are no longer reaching you – if we see that messages are not being delivered, for example – we will remove you from our mailing list and delete your personal data.