Buxton, Lightwood and Combs Moor from Solomon's Temple (Dave Purchase)

The Gathering Place

The Gathering Place is where you can find and share in what we know so far about wildlife and biodiversity in the High Peak, and our members’ blogs and essays, ideas and opinions, stories, poems, songs, and galleries of their photos, videos and art.

Think of this as a space where you can gather when you return from your last walk, and before you set out on your next walk, through the web of paths weaving through the fascinating forest of information and ideas on the living world. A campfire to sit around and socialise, a bazaar of information, stories, art and ideas.

Buxton Field Club is a gathering place where you can meet like-minded folk with an interest in the living world. We gather in our periodic indoor live meetings at the Buxton Methodist Church Hall, our outdoor walks, our online meetings and presentations, our active Facebook group and through this, our website.

In these gathering places you can swap stories, give and get advice and expertise, share information and ideas, and take an active part in our indoor and outdoor programmes.

Looking at our recent and forthcoming programme of walks.

Follow this link to read blogs by BFC members, such as Mark Cocker’s blog and Vic’s Diary, and find links to other interesting blogs on the living world.

Follow this link to find the galleries of photos, videos and art of BFC members.

This is a page we will be developing for the telling of stories about wild life and wild places in the High Peak.

This page hosts links to videos and soundfiles of birdsong, etc, recorded by members.

Follow this link to find links to other local, regional and national wildlife groups and organisations such as Derbyshire Wildlife Trust.

Here is a list of books that we think are well-written, interesting and informative on the living world but which do not fit neatly into the lists of specialised references that we give in our other pages on Joining in, The Living World or The Wildlife Places. 

Follow this link to read the stories, essays, poems and ideas in the BFC Newsletter, up to its final edition in March 2022.