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February 2022 – the final Newsletter

We have decided that the February 2022 edition will be the last of the BFC Newsletters. These have provided excellent service since the Club’s foundation, and Ruth Hayter has done an amazing job of cajoling, editing and distributing them for a long time now. But over recent years it has become increasingly difficult and labour-intensive for Ruth to gather articles and material from members for each issue. In part, this can be attributed to the increasing use of social media, as more of our members and friends of the Club actively participate in our Facebook page and those of other local nature-based groups. Also, our website is developing well and includes spaces in its pages for members to share their stories, photos, videos and recordings, and much of the communication function of the Newsletter has been taken over by our emails to members and friends.

So, we have decided to discontinue the Newsletter and absorb its functions into our website, Facebook, YouTube and email channels as appropriate, with copies of our programme made available to any member who does not use these means of communication.