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Blogs and essays by BFC members and associates

Click the button for our new feature: Vic’s Diary. Vic Pearson is an active and knowledgeable Buxton naturalist, with a particular interest in our local ravens and peregrines. We are privileged to present here an ongoing series of extracts from his diary, written especially for the website.

Mark Cocker is one of our country’s leading wildlife authors and naturalists. He was born and raised in Buxton, and a member of BFC from an early age. He has recently returned to Buxton to live and is a keen advocate for our local wildlife and biodiversity. Click the button to go to his blog for his entertaining, informative and beautifully written essays, and more.

Mark is also a regular contributor to The Guardian newspaper’s Country diary. Click the button to find the complete series of his wonderful essays for this feature, many of which focus on Buxton and the surrounding area.

Mark’s website, including his ‘Unofficial Bookclub’, always a good read about new nature books.

Nick Brown is an all-round ‘good guy’ who started and runs the Derbyshire Swift Project and sends out a weekly email newsletter giving lots of interesting news and information on local wildlife, which he has generously given us permission to copy on our website. Read it and browse past issues here.

Dave Higginson-Tranter is an active and incredibly knowledgeable nature enthusiast (and rebel DIY polymath) with a marvellous and entertaining wildlife identification website, which you can go to by clicking on the button. Dave is a BFC Facebook Group member and posts his short videos regularly to our Facebook page from his own ‘Fungal Punk’ Facebook page. Highly recommended.

Rachel Purchase writes about how BCA and BFC members, led by Sheila Stubbs and herself, are creating a new wildflower garden at Pooles Cavern, next to the Go Ape facility.

A short blog by Gill Williamson about turning her rooftop terrace into a wildflower garden.

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