Nick Brown's Wild Weekly Newsletter

Nick Brown is an all-round ‘good guy’ who works for the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust. He started and runs the Derbyshire Swift Project and sends out a weekly email newsletter giving lots of interesting news and information on local wildlife, which he has generously given us permission to copy on our website. Read it here and browse past issues here. For ease of reference they are arranged in reverse date order, with the latest first.

(There may be gaps and delays in copying and posting these, depending upon holidays, etc. If you want to be included on Nick’s email list for the newsletter, contact him at:

Wild Weekly for 8th September 2023

A good year for peregrinesPeregrines have had a good breeding season in the county rearing a record 63 young….and probably more since a number of known nest sites were not checked.

Further good news is that only one pair was definitely known to have been robbed.Failures at a few other sites might indicate either deliberate interference or failure from natural causes.And most nests near or on peak district grouse moors succeeded so that’s good news too.Peregrine with chicks painted at a Derbyshire quarry nest by Esther Tyson (SWLA)FliesI’ve not covered flies (Diptera) in wild weeklies before but following a request to do so, here goes!Unlike other insects which have two pairs of wings, flies only have one, the second pair having been reduced to tiny stubs called halteres used in balance.Few people champion flies but one such is Erica McAlister of the London Natural History Museum.Her enthusiasm for them and her communication skills shine through in this video:The Secret Life of Flies | Erica McAlister, a curator of flies at the Natural History Museum, London and author of “The Secret Life of Flies,” will answer your questions about… | By The New York Times – Science | FacebookAs Erica says, without flies, we’d be knee deep in pooh, dead animals and plants!

This podcast by Erica explains all about flies: Flies with Dr Erica McAlister – wildlife podcast | BBC Gardeners World MagazineAnd here’s Naturespot’s account of flies with many photos as well: Flies | NatureSpotBadger cull numbers now almost 250KThe new badger culling season is underway and naturally causing great anger among conservationists.