The Dave Purchase BFC Art Gallery

Dave has been drawing in pencil and pen and ink since he was young. He has been developing his experience in pastels and watercolour for the last few years and has also been working with computer-based art using Corel. He has a particular love for landscape and nature subjects.

Beech and Ash, Corbar Woods. Watercolour by Dave Purchase.
Corbar Woods beeches in winter; Dave Purchase (2019) Pastels on paper
Lime tree in 3 seasons, The Slopes, Buxton; Dave Purchase (2021) Watercolour and gouache on paper
Bradgate Oak 1 - pencil on paper. Dave Purchase.
Bradgate Oak 2 - pencil on paper. Dave Purchase.
Osprey; Dave Purchase (1999) Pen and ink on paper
Grey Heron (D Purchase) (c1975). Pen and ink on paper.
Wall and hedge in Kyle of Tongue, Scotland; Dave Purchase (2021) Watercolour on paper
Gannets and gulls (D Purchase, 2020). Digital media from pencil sketch.