The Video Galleries

Here we present for your enjoyment a feast of short videos of wildlife in the High Peak area and beyond that have been made and contributed by our members.

You can also find them in the Playlists on our YouTube channel at Wildlife videos by members – YouTube.

Gardening for Wildlife: How to do it and ‘Question Time’ expert panel

A really fantastic evening at Buxton Field Club on wildlife gardening. Huge thanks to our amazing and knowledgeable panel (Mark Cocker, Rachel Evatt, Sandra Nock and Jill Westrick), our brilliant audience – there was literally standing room only, and to everyone who helped with refreshments.

Due to its success and the wide interest in this subject, which we would really like to share and promote, we have put this video up on our YouTube channel for public viewing rather than restricting it to BFC members.

Waxwings at Hassop Station 18th Dec 2023

A short video by Dave Purchase taken on an SLR of the much-visited flock of waxwings at Hassop Station. A grey day, quite blustery, but a very active, bustling flock of lovely birds in the hawthorn trees by the Monsall Trail.

Starling Murmuration at Middleton Moor 7th Jan 2024

A short video by Dave Purchase of the starling murmuration at Middleton Moor in the Peak District, at dusk on a dull and cold day. Thousands of birds, in twisting and swirling shapes, with incoming flocks every minute or so, and a sudden settling into the roost. Magical.

Willington Wetlands DWT Reserve 30th Jan 2024

Willington Wetlands is a Derbyshire Wildlife Trust (DWT) reserve best known for its beaver population, but it is also a wonderful place to observe all sorts of birds. This is a short video by Dave Purchase of a visit to the observation decks and hide on the reserve, including a recording of the call of an elusive Water Rail, and shots of a variety of ducks, Lapwings and a Little Egret dibbling the sediment with its feet for food.

Birds on the Derbyshire Wye

A short film by Andy Gregory showing a dipper feeding its youngster, plus a grey wagtail and a blackcap

Wye Dale Dippers

A short film by Andy Gregory showing young dipper and adult dipper dipper – you can see how they got their name!

Grey Wagtail

A short video by Dave Purchase of a young grey wagtail living up its name by the stream in Bradford Dale

Barred Grass Snake

A short video by Dave Purchase of a Barre Grass Snake swimming acrosss a pond in Cambridge Botanical Gardens

Signal Crayfish

A short video by Steve Orridge of a signal crayfish in the Serpentine Wye.


White-letter Hairstreak butterfly

A lovely short video by Steve Orridge of a White-letter Hairstreak butterfly feeding on knapweed.


You are unlikely to find a razorbill in the High Peak, but here is a short video by Dave Purchase of one of these beautiful birds hunting for food in Skerray Harbour, Sutherland. Fast swimming with its head dipped below the surface, then diving and ‘flying’ at speed underwater. Lovely! 

Otters in Kintyre

A short (9 min) video by Dave Purchase of a family of 3 otters playing, hunting, feeding and working the shoreline. Beautiful animals, a rare treat for us and a delight to watch.

Filmed on a handheld camera on zoom setting in a reasonably high wind, so a little bit of shake now and then. Link is to a video on our Youtube channel due to file size.

Is planting millions of trees the solution to the climate crisis?

An excellent 17 min talk by Paul Finn at TEDxHayfield.

The UK Government has set ambitious targets for planting millions of trees over the next few years. But is this the right thing to do? Are we putting all our eggs in one basket, and what are the dangers in doing so? Climate change is a highly complex issue, and is intrinsically linked to the health of both humans and the environment. A multifaceted problem cannot be solved by a single faceted response. How can we ensure that trees can be part of the solution?

In a long career in conservation Paul worked for the National Trust, taught at university, managed country parks in Nottinghamshire, and was Head Ranger for Derbyshire County Council, where he led on habitat management in general, and trees and woodlands in particular. Recently retired, Paul, a member of BFC, is involved in a number of projects, including advising on woodland management, and will soon be making a presentation at a conference on the mental health benefits of greenspace. He retains his passion for the environment, his determination to make a difference, and his resolve to keep learning.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community, Hayfield in the Peak District.

Vic’s Diary is a popular feature of our website. Vic also makes short video clips of some of the wildlife he observes. Here is a short compilation of his latest, which can also be found on his page.

Taken by Dave Purchase on an SLR during a strong gale force wind on the North coast of Scotland (Coldbackie Beach, by the Kyle of Tongue), on 25th September 2022, this shows a large flock of gannets diving in multitudes to feed on a shoal offish trapped inshore by the tide and wind. The sound has been muted, due to the white noise effect of the wind. It’s about 12 minutes long.

The one thing Buxton lacks is a coastline! Other than that, it’s perfect. To help fill that gap, a short (12 min) video recorded by Dave Purchase of some of the rockpool life on the North coast of Scotland in September 2022. Small fish, a langoustine and lots of hermit crabs.




Goldfinch: a short video by Steve Orridge




Orange-spined Drone Fly (Eristalis nemorum): a short video by Steve Orridge




Nuthatch: a short video by Steve Orridge

Sparrowhawks: a short video compilation of clips filmed by Steve Orridge of a pair of sparrowhawks in his garden, perched on the lookout and preening. Beautiful birds.