A variety of habitats: Millers Dale from the Limestone Way, Priestcliffe (Dave Purchase)

The Wildlife Places

Wildlife exists in habitats specific to its nature and needs. Habitats exist because of the wildlife that inhabits and/or acts (and interacts) within them.

The ‘tree of life’ is actually more like a tangled, branching and fusing and evergrowing jungle  or scrubland of life. A network, a webwork of webs in the 3 dimensions of space and the 4th dimension of time.

This page leads you into an exploration of that webwork of habitats and wildlife within and around Buxton (and beyond as the interest takes us – nature knows no boundaries).

We show you where to find wildlife and plantlife in Buxton and the High Peak. A developing list of wildlife places around Buxton and the nature of the habitats and key species we can expect to find there.

We look at the relationships between wildlife, plantlife and the places they survive and thrive – their habitats and environments. Together these make up the amount and variety of life – the biodiversity – we expect to find in particular environments and habitats.

We examine what these and similar terms mean, and we show you some examples of the wilding, rewilding and regeneration work taking place in the High Peak, such as at Sunart Fields near Whaley Bridge, Thornhill Carr near Bamford and The Serpentine in Buxton.

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We look at some of the interesting places for wildlife and plantlife in this country and around the world that members of Buxton Field Club have been to and shared with us. This will include:


Page under development.