Grassland on Grinlow, Buxton 22/07/19 (D Purchase)


The following are the main types of grasslands you will find in the High Peak:

Lowland meadow and pasture

Purple moor-grass and rush pasture

Upland calcareous grassland

Northern hay meadow

Upland rush pasture

Upland acid grassland

Calaminarian grassland

Wildflower meadow, Hardrake
Hay meadow grassland, Brandside
Pasture and arable, Millers Dale
Wildflower meadow, Ferneydale
Grassland, Fern Road, Buxton
Pasture, Cunningdal (Andy Gregory)

Other types of grassland you will find, but which are covered in other habitat pages, are:

Lawns, gardens and parks

Arable cereal croplands

Brownfield sites


Grassland Fungi

Grasslands which are unimproved or semi-improved provide habitats for a wide and diverse range of grasslands fungi, including species of waxcap, meadowcap, pinkgills, corals, spindles and many other families and genera.

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